Chef's Table
Isumi's 72 Microseasons

Isumi City in Chiba Prefecture is a fishing town, where the Kuroshio and Oyashio currents meet. The location is blessed with a temperate climate and rich, fertile land. It is a place where the nourishment of the mountain enriches the sea, which in turn blesses the nearby villages with produce, feeding those who live there.

Cheval de Hyotan is a place to experience Isumi in the Boso Peninsula. It is a chance for us to share with our diners everything that makes the location special: its rich climate, the thoughts and feelings of its local producers, and its subtle, delicate seasonal changes. We do this through a shared chef’s table dining experience that expresses Isumi’s 72 micro seasons.

From Chef Ai

Being at one, together with nature is a blessing, and we at Cheval de Hyotan want to help people understand the wonders of the mountains, seas, and local villages through the food we serve. I want to pass a baton, from producer to chef to diner, with the aim of sharing terroir, history, and culture through a flavorful dining experience.